The Playful Artist’s Book with Julie Chen – Day Off #2

Sculpture of a bowl of whipped cream by a windowMy second day off started with a trip into Deer Isle to do some gallery hopping. I really enjoyed what the town had to offer.

One of my favorite trips was to check out Susan Webster’s collaboration with Stuart Kestenbaum (he’s director of Haystack and Susan is his wife).

Susan is a printmaker and mixed media artist. She and Stuart created many pieces together – her visual work combined with his poetry. You can check out the work in the exhibition on Susan’s website.

One of my favorite things in the gallery was the sculpture at right – a bowl of whipped cream. The bowl is an icon of Haystack, one which accompanies many of their decadent desserts at dinner time.

The bowl looked as if it were gazing out the window.

Then it was back to Haystack. On our way back, we were astonished to see a bald eagle flying within 20 feet of the car. I had never seen one that close and the thing was huge!

It was truly one of the highlights of my trip to Maine.

Once we returned to the studio, I immediately felt frozen. My to-do list was wayyy too long. I decided to take a break and play around with some of the materials Julie had brought.

I made a little book out one of my pressure prints, added wax rubbings and then brushed on some inks for extra color. I also added in some dry watercolor crayon. Here are some of the pages in the book:

Handmade book

Handmade book

Handmade book

Once my anxiety passed, I set to work on one of the parts of my game, a hexagonal box. I’d never made one from scratch before, so this was an adventure. Not only that, but it had a dividing wall inside of it. Never did that either.

Handmade box in progress

Not only that, but the outer walls of the box had pieces of steel embedded in them so that I could create a magnetic game board. Never did that either.

If I’m going to push myself, I’m going all the way.


Take that, anxiety!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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