The Playful Artist’s Book with Julie Chen – Day 4

On day 4 we continued working on our cigar box models by covering them in bookcloth. Julie showed us a brilliant way of doing it so that no board was left uncovered.

Julie Chen explaining how to cover a cigar box with bookcloth

Julie explaining the covering process

My brain just did not want to retain the directions. It made me crazy. I had to go back and look at her model a bazillion times. And then I still did it wrong.

Covering cigar box with bookcloth

Thankfully, I did the breakaway part correctly, so I can see how to do it right the next time.

Next, we worked on a wraparound piece that could simply act as a wrap or be used as a game board. I loved the design – it incorporated a piece of steel and a rare earth magnet so it could be shut and held closed.

Wrap around case in progress

Case in progress

Here are some great tips I picked up today:

  • Gesso brushes hold a lot of adhesive and have more bristles.
  • When gluing, the first pass of your brush should be used to get the glue onto your surface, then the second pass is used to remove the excess glue.
  • Glue the long sides of a box first. You’ll have better control over the corners on the short sides.
  • Push down hard into the corner gaps of your box to get the air out and reduce puffiness.

Aside from working on the model, we got to work on our games some more. I started out by roughing out an outline of the game board:

Handmade game board

Then I spent a bunch of time creating a mockup of how my game box would look:

Game box mockup

Clearly, card stock wasn’t the ideal material for the mockup due to its floppiness, but it’s what I had. I found it strangely charming with its clear abuse of masking tape.

Here are some more fun quotes from Julie:

“Whipped cream knows all.”

“You need a log lady.”

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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