The Playful Artist’s Book with Julie Chen – Day 3

On day 3 of Julie’s workshop, we continued working on our models. We started off by covering boards that would cover 2 books with different bindings.


We then created the base for what will become a cigar box to hold our game board and 2 books. We didn’t make the lid or cover the box with anything yet.


It wasn’t long before people realized that I have a penchant for triangles – my box quickly found its purpose.


Even on the road, I get my triangle on

We also had time to work on our own board games. I hand carved a stamp of a trash can – I’ll be using this on the reverse side of some of my game cards. I also created a question mark stamp for “chance” cards, but I’m not sure that I like it yet. I might make a few tweaks before I show it to you.


As my game is about purging, I did some research on why people hold on to things. I wanted to understand the motivations behind the possessions. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Item has sentimental value or emotional attachment.
  2. Item is useful, valuable, or one feels that they may need it later.
  3. Item is unique or irreplaceable.
  4. Item jogs a memory or a person or event.
  5. Item is too much of a bargain to throw away.

In thinking about these reasons, it became easier for me to understand why I hold on to things and in turn, it became easier to come up with a needed list of possessions for my game. I wanted things that could trigger a reaction based on the reasons above. I have also been collecting items from others in my class, which has been hilarious. I have to determine how many cards I need for me game and thus, how many items I need to fill them.

As I mentioned earlier, I have “chance” cards. The goal of the game is to end with the least number of “possession” cards as possible (trash can cards). You can land on a space with a question mark and that’s when you choose a “chance” card. One of three things can happen when you get one:

  1. You have to take another “possession” card.
  2. You get a “reason” card.
  3. You get a “objection” card.

If you land on a “purge” space, you can get rid of one of your possessions. You have to give an explanation for why you’re giving it up (using humor is a good thing). If someone plays a “reason” card, then he or she has to give a reason why you have to keep the possession and you can’t discard it.

If you have an “objection” card, you can reply to the “reason” card with another reason why you’re getting rid of your possession and you get to discard. If no one plays a “reason” card on your turn, then you just discard your possession.

I sure hope all of this makes sense, because I think I’m too far gone to turn back now. I’m sure things will tighten up more as time progresses. We still have class until next Thursday!



So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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