Open Studio Weekend recap

I’ve got another Open Studio Weekend under my belt.

I had some drama on before OSW. On Thursday, I was returning from the Paper and Book Intensive in MI and I missed my connecting flight. I ended up driving home from Cleveland overnight so I could get my studio ready.

12 hours of driving. In the dark. In the rain. It so sucked.

I had hoped to have my studio ready before I left, but you know all that stuff about best laid plans. Unfortunately, the drive had to happen.

Display of handmade books at Blue Roof Designs studio

It was a rainy weekend and there was flooding throughout Vermont, so I think it kept some folks away. It didn’t stop me from having a wonderful weekend visiting with people and teaching them about bookbinding.

I so appreciate having the opportunity to share my work and my studio with people. It always amazes me how many people come each time I participate in this event.

Shelves of handmade books at Blue Roof Designs studio

And the award for best Open Studio Weekend visit goes to…Wiggum!

A friend of mine came to the studio with her daughter. She had heard about Wiggum’s injury and wanted to see him. During OSW, I keep Wiggum upstairs so that he doesn’t jump all over people, so I had to open the gate to bring him downstairs.

As soon as he got the bottom of the stairs, he started peeing on the floor. Then he walks towards my studio, peeing all the way. He enters my studio and continues peeing in there. I was horrified.

He had this look in his eyes – the one that says, “You think you’re going to leave me for 1.5 weeks in a kennel? I don’t think that’s ever going to happen again. I own you. I own this studio.” I figured it was payback for having been boarded while I was at PBI.


Vermont Open Studio Weekend sign

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