Elissa’s Picks for Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Vermont Open Studio Weekend logoWelcome the third in my series of blog posts about ways to do your Open Studio Weekend tour.

This one is easy – these are my friends!

In this post I listed the book arts studios I’d visit if I were touring this weekend. Of course, I would also visit studios by artists working in other media. Some of my suggestions are listed below.

I’ll be referring to studios by both name and number – the number refers to a listing in the Vermont Studio Tour Guide 2013. The colors of the studio numbers in this post match the colored markers in the Google map below.

There are several ways to get your hands on a map:

First stop would be #91, Stacie Mincher of Stacie Mincher Designs. I have to tell you that Stacie is the sweetest adorable person you’ll ever meet. In addition, she makes a wide range of fun things from recycled materials. She’s mostly known as the “Zipper Lady” as she make amazing things out of (surprise) zippers. I have one of her barrettes and have been eying her clocks for a while now. One day, one of them will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

#206, Denise D’Abramo of Vermont Wool would be my next stop. Denise spins and hand-dyes all of her yarn using plant dyes, non-toxic coloring processes and mordants. The plants, insects, lichens and mushrooms used as dye are depicted on the yarn’s tag with it’s interesting story. And if that’s not cool enough, she has a sheep named Moose. If you see him on your visit there, tell him I say hi.

Next I’d visit Shannon Greenleese of May Made, #25. Shannon creates jewelry inspired by nature and symbols of ancient cultures.  She can do amazing things with precious metal clay and if you don’t know what that is, visiting her studio would be a great introduction to the medium.

Lastly, I’d visit #184 Sandra Lance of Sandra Lance Pottery. Sandra is a fabulous ceramic artist and not surprisingly, another very sweet person. I’m particularly fond of her hedgehog sculpture (I used to have one as a pet). She’s done wonderful things for the Vermont Crafts Council has acted as one of the tour guide masters. You gotta admire that.

Like the book arts studios, these studios aren’t very close to each other either. If you split them up between two days, it should be doable.

Make that map bigger!

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