Pres­sure Print­ing: A Painterly Approach to the Press with Sarah Bryant – Day 3

Sarah Bryant teaching pressure printing at the Paper and Book IntensiveToday was pretty low-key with Sarah. First she taught us about using textured materials in combination with pressure printing.

For example, you can take a piece of knitting and use it as a plate. Depending on the amount of pressure used, you can get a pretty crisp, photographic image.

Next she showed us how to use the linoleum blocks we learned about yesterday. The block has to be type high, so we added a piece of bookboard underneath the block to raise it.

It takes some trial and error to get the pressure plate to hit the block in the right place and get an interesting image. I reversed my plate a few times and moved the block around the press until I found an image I liked.

When you use a linoleum block with pressure plate, you do have to think about the orientation of your image because anything in the bed of the press will show up reversed when printed.

Here’s my completed linoleum block (no blood spilled!):

Carved linoleum block locked in a letterpress

And here’s the pressure plate I used in combination with the block:

Pressure printing plate

And here are the final prints – they were printed in a couple different shades of green:

Pressure prints

Pressure prints

I love them!

Here’s what the linoleum block looked like after it had been run through the press with the pressure plate:

Carved and inked linoleum block

Here are some of the other prints I completed. I didn’t like them as much (too much white space):

Pressure prints

Pressure prints

I believe that tomorrow we’ll be binding our prints into a book. Stay tuned!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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