Worktable Wednesday

Leather hides


Today was another of my not-so-fun, running around like a crazy person, appointment days. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in a shopping trip.

My friend Nancy has told me multiple times to go to Hides Pride in Essex Junction, Vermont – she praises their selection of leather.

So I trot myself on over there, really wanting to spend some bucks for my upcoming leather journals workshop.

All of the leather is on shelves behind the counter. I tell the leather dude that I want to make journals and I’d like to see what he has in an upholstery weight. He tells me that I need to be more specific. I tell him that I’m not really sure how to be more specific.

At this point I’m really wishing that I brought one of my journals with me. I ask him if I can check out the leather myself so I can show him what I’m looking for.

Leather dude says no.

He remarked that he doesn’t like it when people mess up his leather. I ask him if he can bring out some different weights and I’ll pick the one that would work the best. He gets cranky and tells me that there are too many different kinds of leather and that it’s too hard for him to do that for me.

Wuh? I thought that you were in the business of selling leather?

So then I just point at some leather that looks about right and ask him if he can bring it over. He lets out a sulky sigh and brings it over. Luckily, it was about right. With pain in his face, he agrees to bring over similar hides in different colors.

In almost any other situation, I would have walked out. It rare to find a business that prefers to hide (no pun intended) its inventory from you so you can’t buy it. I’m pretty sure that it was the leathery smell that kept me in there.


I really love the grain of the different hides and all of the marks that remind you that the leather came from something that lived a life.

Leather hide

Leather hide

Leather hide

I can totally smell those pictures. If you’re thinking about taking my upcoming Leather Pocket Journals workshop at Studio Place Arts, then this what you’ll get to play with!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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