Bookbinding badge from New Zealand – update

Bookbinding scout badge from New Zealand Quite a while ago, I went through an obsessive bookbinding scout badge phase. I found a scout badge from New Zealand, but was unable to find any details about it.

I contacted the Scouts New Zealand office for more information on what one has to do to earn the badge. I heard from Dianne Baird of who was kind enough to give me the badge requirements:


  1. Make at least three small books using Japanese bookbinding methods (concertina, ledger book, etc)
  2. Make a book using a pamphlet stitch.
  3. Make an ‘altered book’ – using an existing book, change the text or add pictures until completely altered ‘artist’ book is produced.
  4. Make one of the items below
  • An item using traditional bookbinding methods such as Coptic binding, OR
  • An artist book of your own design, OR
  • A Photo Album with covered boards and pages suitable for photographs.

With today’s exchange rate, you can get one of these cuties for yourself for only $2.23.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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