Worktable Wednesday

I am currently engaged in my annual tradition of beating myself up over having procrastinated doing inventory.

Piles of ribbons on worktable

Dear infinite rolls of ribbon – you suck.

I’m my defense, I’ve been helping my puppy recover after being hit by a car. How can you resist a dog in a sweater?

Standard poodle in pirate sweater

Aaaaarrrrrrrffffffff – I’m a puppy pirate!

Of course, the truth is that I would have procrastinated anyway. I.hate.inventory.

I like math, but counting stuff is boring.

I do, however, enjoy putting post-it flags on things that are done being counted. It’s like checking off a box.

Plastic shoeboxes on shelves

 Looking forward to finishing inventory so I can get back to finishing my Improv books!


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