Worktable Wednesday

I had a bunch of appointments today and spent most of the day running around. Sadly, I didn’t get into the studio to get any hands-on work done.

I did, however, do research for this week’s book and created a Pinterest board (Book Arts Improv 2013 – Week 3) of my finds. You can get a look at what I found below (click on a thumbnail to view a larger image).


[prw username=”blueroofdesigns” boardname=”book-arts-improv-2013-week-3″ maxfeeds=”12″ divname=”myList” printtext=”0″ target=”newwindow” useenclosures=”no” thumbwidth=”130″ thumbheight=”130″ showfollow=”large”]



To be honest with you, I am struggling with this week’s book. I need to figure out the connecting thread between the three themes and I’m just not there yet. Ugh.

That said, I am rather inspired by the thought of incorporating QR codes into the book. I love the idea of using technology with a hands-on slant. I guess we’ll just have to see if that goes anywhere.

Come back Saturday to see the completed book!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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