Leather Journals class at SPA

Handmade leather journalsI just finished a two-session leather journals class at Studio Place Arts. This was a new class for me and the first time I taught it to actual live human peoples.

It seemed to go well, although we ran out of time for the last binding. Argh. I have promised my students that they can contact me if they’d like to learn the last binding and I’ll make time for them to come by the studio.

I feel so guilty!

I’ve been really lucky – I get the sweetest people in my classes. And they like to work hard. Although you can’t tell that from the picture below. I think I was blabbering about my handouts at this point in the class.

Leather journals class students

Bookbinding student using Japanese screw punch

Working the Japanese screw punch

Leather journals class students

I came up with a new idea for teaching the bindings.

It’s too hard for people to see what you’re doing when the books are small. I created stitching guides on card stock – they included all of the signatures and sewing stations. I would sew the binding using this larger scale and someone told me that it was the best way to teach this type of class. That made me happy.

Bookbinding stitching sample cards

Unfortunately, the posters wouldn’t stay put on the easel, so I ended up clipping them to my overalls and I did the stitching on myself. I look kinda silly, eh?

Elissa Campbell wearing bookbinding stitching sample cards

In the future, I’ll be recreating these large stitching guides using peg board so they’re sturdier and easier to use.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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