Book Arts Improv: Week #2 Themes

Many thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Book Arts Improv!

I am loving the Oscar categories (I’m a big Oscars fan in general). I wonder if all of the dog-related categories were attempting to get Wiggum to influence this week’s winning entry…

In the 80’s, I definitely could have been a contender for biggest hair. My hubby just came up with another good one – Best Original Subtitles.

And now, this week’s winning entry…

Random number generator

number 6!

Congrats to Amy!

This week’s themes are as follows:

  1. The real reason your check engine light came on: The warranty ran out yesterday
  2. A retired Oscar category: Biggest hair (wasn’t as fun after the 80?s)
  3. An unusual superstition: Step on a crack, break your mother’s back!

The next call for suggestions will be posted on Sunday, February 24th (Oscar day!) and they will be completely different from those posted this week.

Come back to see this week’s completed book on Saturday!

One Response to “Book Arts Improv: Week #2 Themes”

By Amy - 19 February 2013 Reply

Wow, thanks! I feel so lucky 🙂

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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