Book Arts Improv: Week #1 Themes

Many thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Book Arts Improv!

The odds were good this week for those who were able to enter despite last week’s website hosting catastrophe.

And now, this week’s winning entry…

Random number generator

number 3!

Louis, your time has come. 🙂

This week’s themes are as follows:

  • A merit badge that only someone over the age of 40 can earn: I may never remember why I walked into this room merit badge
  • The weirdest thing you’ve ever packed in a carry on bag: Taxidermied hamster
  • A little-known, rejected National Park location: Urban Sprawl National Park

FYI – I’m pretty sure I’ve earned that merit badge.

The next call for suggestions will be posted on Sunday, February 17th and they will be completely different from those posted this week.

Come back to see this week’s completed book on Saturday!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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