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Welcome to the first week of the 3rd Annual Book Arts Improv!

In case you’re new here, in a nutshell, the Improv is a four-week stretch of improvisational bookmaking. Depending on the content and complexity of the book, an edition of three or more will be created each week.

So here we go…drum roll please…my first call for suggestions:

  1. A merit badge that only someone over the age of 40 can earn.
  2. The weirdest thing you’ve ever packed in a carry on bag.
  3. A little-known, rejected National Park location.

To participate in the Improv, just comment on this post with a response for each of the three categories listed above. I’d like to keep this suitable for all audiences, so please, nothing offensive.

I will accept suggestions until 5:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 (deadline extended to February 12, 2013 due to website problems). On that day, one entry will be selected at random and not only will that person’s suggestions be used for that week’s book, but the winner will also receive a copy of the book.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with – the Improv is open!

6 Responses to “Book Arts Improv: Call #1”

By Chris Campbell - 4 February 2013 Reply

1. Metabolsm deceleration
2. Rolls of dollar coins
3. James K. Polk homestead

By velma - 9 February 2013 Reply

1. right to be a crank badge
2. elk leg bone
3. model city, ny (where THE model city for the future never developed on this 1950’s site)

By Elissa - 9 February 2013 Reply

Velma –

Was the elk bone from a Shanna Leino workshop?


By velma - 12 February 2013 Reply

jim croft

By Louis J. Cassorla - 10 February 2013 Reply

1. I may never remember why I walked into this room merit badge
2. Taxidermied hamster
3. Urban Sprawl National Park

By Elissa - 10 February 2013 Reply

Louis –

Woohoo! You’re here! 🙂


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