I didn’t want to write this blog post.

Book Arts Improv logo with XUgh. I hate admitting defeat.

I should be in the middle of my Book Arts Improv right now, but I decided to postpone it (as if you hadn’t noticed).

My list has too many unfinished projects on it, including over 50 draft blog posts that are partially written.

I had to sit down and accept that I can’t do everything. Wuh???

So I’m putting the Improv on hold until I can get a better handle on what’s already on my plate and I definitely want to give the project the respect (and attention) it deserves.

I hope to begin the craziness in February.

One Response to “I didn’t want to write this blog post.”

By Mags - 21 January 2013 Reply

You need to pace yourself lady! No one can do everything… and no one will think less of you when you can’t. P

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