Worktable Wednesday

Today was an accordion book day.

I am very low on stock at the moment, due to having recently stocked 2 new galleries.

Accordion book covers with ribbonIn general, being around a lot of vibrant colors at once puts me in a good mood. Or I get overstimulated. Or both. I think it was both this time. What do you think?

Accordion book covers with ribbon I did a trial run of an accordion book using pages from the architecture book I talked about a couple of weeks ago. I was thrilled when the paper didn’t crack, my worst fear. I used Archival Mist Preservation Spray on the paper before using it – I wanted to be sure that the book would be safe for use with photos.Accordion book covers with ribbon

I think the covers look great – I am sooo tearing more pages out of that book!

One Response to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Ellen - 23 August 2012 Reply

One can never be overstimulated enough when it comes to books. Such maniacal productivity looks so satisfying!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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