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My life has become very strange, very quickly.

Last week, I heard about the Vermont Department of Tourism‘s new marketing campaign. Following Sweden’s example, Vermont will have a different Vermonter at the helm of its Twitter handle @ThisisVT each week.

They hope to show the State’s flavor through the eyes of those who live there. You can read more about it in this VPR article.

So I had one of my “I wanna do that” moments and filled out the nomination form.

I got a call the next day. They wanted me to do it.

What else was I going to do but say yes?

Next thing I knew, my name was in the New York Times and I was on a local news program. I didn’t anticipate how big this story could be. It’s overwhelming.

I just survived my first day. I can’t say it was smooth sailing, but it was lots of fun – people in Vermont are nice! Some of my tweets made it on to today’s broadcast of The :30. Check out the show (and my embarrassing tweet) below.

Why couldn’t they have shared my tweet about my dog barfing instead?

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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