I just discovered this bookbinding video and it is beyond adorable.

I’d like to disclose that at the end of the video, there’s a recited Bible verse. I’m not trying to make a statement about religion and I want to be clear that this is not the reason I’m sharing the video with you.

Put simply – four year-old Eva is a rock star bookbinder:

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By Mags Bonham - 6 July 2012 Reply

I hate to be cynical, but do you think that the red spots on the inside of the cover paper was the blood resulting from allowing a 4 yr. old to use a utility knife to cut out cardboard?

By Elissa - 26 July 2012 Reply

Mags –

You are eagle-eyed! I didn’t notice the blood. Kids + blood = notsogood

I think I was hypnotized by the kid’s cuteness. You’re totally right about the knife. I make books with my niece and I’ve yet to hand her an X-Acto.


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