1,000 Artists’ Books

It’s real. It’s really real.

I just got my copy of 1,000 Artists’ Books: Exploring the Book as Art by Sandra Salamony and Peter and Donna Thomas – and there it is on page 135 – my tunnel book Philadelphia Freedom!

1,000 Artists' Books - page with Philadelphia Freedom, handmade book by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs

I submitted my entry in July of 2011, so you can imagine how long I’ve waited for this day. I just couldn’t allow myself to believe that my work was included until I saw it for myself.

I can breathe now!

1,000 Artists’ Books includes work from some of the top book artists in the world. I’m so very honored to be included in such fine company.

1000 Artists' Books - book cover

The publisher describes the book better than I ever could:

The book is a timeless art form, one that is as alive today as ever before, and artists continue to explore and explode the boundaries of what a book is and can be. In this beautiful collection, you will experience close-up various aspects of hand-crafted books: covers, bindings, scrolls, folded and origami structures and books made from found objects. You will find richly illustrated and calligraphed pages as well as books created from a variety of printed processes. Ingenuity and creativity abounds in this carefully curated collection of both historically important and modern works.

My one complaint with the book is that they didn’t include the title of each work with the photo – you have to flip to the back of the book to get this information. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful book and definitely worth adding to your library.

4 Responses to “1,000 Artists’ Books

By Marianna - 26 June 2012 Reply

Congratulations! I am so happy for you, this is really great, and so well deserved.

By Elissa - 26 July 2012 Reply

Marianna –

Thanks so much! 🙂


By Tammy - 12 July 2012 Reply

How exciting for you! Congratulations! By the way, have you heard any more about when Shereen LaPlantz’s reprinted book will be available for purchase?

By Elissa - 26 July 2012 Reply

Tammy –

Thanks for the congrats!

The Shereen LaPlantz book is still in the works. We’re having problems with the print quality of the photos. It looks like we need to rescan a number of the pages. Oy.

I’ll write a blog post when the book is finally available.


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