Worktable Wednesday

My daily routine includes taking Wiggum for an extended walk behind my house. Our house is backed by over 50 acres of conservation land – no one can develop there and we consider ourselves lucky. There are wooded paths and streams…everything a puppy would love to explore.

Now that the snow has melted, there’s a lot to see on the ground. I’ve been gathering birch bark for a new journal design I’m working on.

Box of birch bark

Unfortunately, Wiggum is extremely interested in bark. Every time I pick up a piece, he lunges at me, trying to take it away. It seems he likes to eat bark.

I used to keep a plastic tub on my back porch so I could collect the bark I found on my walks. After returning from a walk, Wiggum would sit at the back door, staring at the bark. And he’d bark at it.

Yes, my dog likes to bark at bark.

I’m toying with the idea of attaching pieces of bark to a journal that has been covered in a lovely Japanese linen-blend bookcloth. The tones of the materials are very close and create a soothing look.

Piece of birch bark on bookcloth

Since the book was inspired by my walks with Wiggum, I decided to include him in the name of my journal. I’m leaning towards the Woodsy Wiggum.

Unfortunately, I have also come up with the following associations for such a name:

  • It’s an alcoholic beverage
  • It’s a men’s cologne
  • It’s the name of an adult film star

I’d love to hear what you think of the name. Is it too silly/weird/stupid?

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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