Whiney Wednesday

I’ve been sick for 4.5 weeks. I have the cough that won’t die. 🙁

Coincidentally, my dog has been sick too.

My awesome poodle Wiggum

Poor Wiggum

One of the wonderful [insert sarcasm] benefits of living in the House of Sick is that I have a number of blog posts that are half-written. I start a post, I get tired, the post doesn’t get finished.

I’m hoping to get these posts done over the next week, so if you are subscribed via RSS feed, you’ll be getting posts dated out of sequence.

I’m hoping to get Wiggum on staff so that I have help getting these posts done. I’m not holding my breath because, unfortunately, he has unreasonable salary demands.

4 Responses to “Whiney Wednesday”

By dinahmow - 25 February 2012 Reply

Unreasonable salary demands…they would include extra meal breaks and leisure time and flexible start/finish times?
Yep. Thought so. Cats are paid-up members of the same Union!

By Elissa - 28 February 2012 Reply

Diane –

I’m trying not to push it with Wiggum because what I really want him to do is help me with my inventory.

🙂 Elissa

By velma - 29 February 2012 Reply

GET BETTER. remember to say commands to your dog/human in clear, precise, but determined tones.

By Elissa - 3 March 2012 Reply

Velma –

I think I’m finally on the mend. My cough is almost completely gone and I have a lot more energy.

I’m looking forward to starting Wiggum’s next obedience class. I need to work on my confidence.


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