Book Arts Improv Book #4: Bras for Bros

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve finally completed the last book in this year’s Book Arts Improv!

Being sick really sucked. All I wanted to do was get into the studio and my body kept saying, “Poof – body aches!” I’m still sick, if you can believe it. My throat is killing me and I’m pretty sure that I’m now addicted to cough drops. Poo.

Anyway, thanks to Chris, I was able to get a break from Wiggum duty and I cranked out a book that I’m quite proud of.

Here are the themes I was working with this week:

  • The best holiday that doesn’t exist: don’t go to work day
  • A fashion trend that should go mainstream: bras that feel good
  • An inedible object that looks tasty: printer’s ink

And moving from butts to boobs, I proudly introduce Bras for Bros:

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “Bras for Bros”

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “Bras for Bros”

The concept for this book came to me while walking Wiggum, which seems to be my juicy brain time. Once I knew the theme, all the visual components quickly fell into place. I didn’t really have second thoughts about anything.

For whatever reason, I became convinced that if a man were to wear a bra, then it would have to be made of leather – that would make it manlier. Now I’m not so sure…

Cut leather bra for handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “Bras for Bros”

The bookboard covers were covered with reptile embossed paper – I have this paper in several colors and I love it! The text block was printed in Book Antiqua on Crane’s 24 lb. writing paper and was sewn over goat leather straps (bra straps, actually) with silk thread.

Inside of handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “Bras for Bros”

Here’s the complete text of the book:

I wish I didn’t have to go to work.
I swear I’m going to go berserk.

I work in a print shop, full of ink tubes…
…and co-workers who mock my sad man boobs.

I’m not overweight by any means.
But I’ve been cursed with rather unfortunate genes.

As much as I’d rather not have these…
…I’m not going to stop eating all that cheese.

So I’m forced to shop for manly support…
…because my t-shirt always falls short.

All I want is a bra that feels good.
And doesn’t make me sacrifice my manhood.

So until that day, with great regret…
…I’m forced to shop at Victor’s Secret.

The insides of the covers were lined with black Speckletone paper. This book will be printed in a limited edition of 10 copies.

I’ll be posting the grand prize winner shortly. That lucky duck will win a set of books that includes each of the four books created during the Improv.

Good luck to everyone!

3 Responses to “Book Arts Improv Book #4: Bras for Bros

By Liz - 31 January 2012 Reply

Elissa, This is a riot! I am glad you are feeling better.

By Kris - 31 January 2012 Reply


By velma - 31 January 2012 Reply

you’re feeling better, wiggum approves, and there’s a fun new book in the world! awesome!

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