Book Arts Improv Book #4 delay

I can’t believe I have to admit that another Improv book will be delayed. 🙁

I am sick as a dog. Well, maybe not a dog because Wiggum seems to be feeling fine. I suck at taking care of myself, so it’s no surprise that I’ve felt crappy for a week.

I’ve tried to coach Wiggum into making me chicken and stars soup (my comfort food). I put the can on the floor and he pounced on it.

Standard poodle puppy with can of soup

After a few minutes, I realized that his intentions weren’t pure. He only wished to chew on the can.

Sad, sick mommy.

3 Responses to “Book Arts Improv Book #4 delay”

By Monica - 28 January 2012 Reply

Oh No! I hope you feel better soon, I bet Wiggum will help out with some cuddles 🙂

By Liz - 29 January 2012 Reply

OH Elissa! I hope you fel better soon.

By velma - 29 January 2012 Reply

wiggum and i say to get better, er, wendy the border collie says you WILL get better!

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