Worktable Wednesday

A whole lot of nothing happened in the studio today – I am sickety sick sick! When we go for walks, I keep telling Wiggum that mommy is sick and can he please pee and/or poop faster, but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect.

I hope I’m well enough to get my Improv book done this week. I’m starting to get nervous.

I do have something to share today – Sarah-Lee Terrat of YeloDog Design gave me this gorgeous Underwood typewriter!

Underwood typewriter

Holy crap! Am I right? The thing is a beauty.

I am beside myself over Sarah-Lee’s generosity and I’m on standby in the event that she wishes to take it back (and she should). I really suck at accepting gifts from people.

I have wanted a typewriter so I can type labels for my three library card catalogs. It seems only right to not use technology on this job. In fact, I’m loving the idea of making artists’ books with typed pages. Now I just need to buy a ribbon…

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By dinahmow - 27 January 2012 Reply

Ooh! I know a few in the BAO crew who’d be salivating!

By anne - 28 January 2012 Reply

Ooh, Elissa, that’s a beauty all right. In fact, I have one myself, the very same Underwood Standard No. 5! Mine happened to belong to my grandfather and I got it when I was a teenager (we won’t say how long ago that was). I learned how to type on it (I WILL say that that predates personal computers!). Two years ago I took it to a guy named Paco here in town, and he restored it for me (it had become stuck and unusable). He had it for nearly a year in pieces on his workbench! But I was thrilled to get it back, finally, and be able to use it again.

Meanwhile, impatient (who, me?), I’d found an Olympia portable typewriter from 1959 or so that was in mint condition, a sleek, modern beauty compared to the Underwood. I have used typewriters for projects and yes, it’s low-tech satisfaction at its best.

Ribbons! I got mine at The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe, . He even has the ribbons that are red on top and black on the bottom. They come in different sizes, but he can help you figure out which one you need. Good luck and have fun with it!

By Sonya - 29 January 2012 Reply

Would you believe it – there was an underwood typewriter at our local auction house this weekend – not working, and went for $400!
Yours looks a treat.. Let us know how it goes. ;D

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