Book Arts Improv Book #2 delay

I am sad to say that this week’s Book Arts Improv book debut will be postponed until (hopefully) tomorrow.

Technical difficulties.

I had planned to complete the book yesterday, but my computer went kablammo. There were at least 20 incidences of googletalkplugin.exe running on my computer and it slowed down everything to a grinding halt. I spent a chunk of yesterday working on the problem.

To say that it was aggravating is putting it mildly. I am so disappointed to not be able to make my deadline.

And seriously, I’m just pissed.

But my sister, niece, and nephew are visiting this weekend for my birthday (tomorrow), so I’m back to being a happy duck. My niece likes to make books so I’m going to teach her the binding I’m using on my Improv book – this is why I have high hopes for completing the book tomorrow.

So to give you an update, the binding and materials have all been chosen and the story is completely written. The lack of a functioning computer held me up because I couldn’t format and print the pages.

I will post next week’s suggestions tomorrow, as scheduled.



10 Responses to “Book Arts Improv Book #2 delay”

By dinahmow - 14 January 2012 Reply

Well, Happy Birthday anyway. Computers all seem to come with built-in annoyances! 🙁

By Elissa - 22 January 2012 Reply

Thanks Diane! Sometimes I think that my computer needs therapy. He always seems to know just the right time to crap out on me – he must be a teenager.


By Amy - 14 January 2012 Reply

Happy Early Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

By Elissa - 22 January 2012 Reply

Thanks Amy!


By anne - 15 January 2012 Reply

Happy Birthday, Elissa. I understand how completely aggravating computer problems can be. Hope everything goes well and that you have a great day.

By Elissa - 22 January 2012 Reply

Thanks Anne! My birthday was great – I had my niece and nephew here. Mix in a Wiggum and it couldn’t go wrong. 🙂


By velma - 15 January 2012 Reply

hapPy biRthdAy!

By Elissa - 22 January 2012 Reply

Thanks Velma!


By Teo - 16 January 2012 Reply

I hate when that happens! Hope you can fix it very soon. Happy Birthday!!!

By Elissa - 22 January 2012 Reply

Teo –

Thanks for the birthday wishes! All is well in computer land now.


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