From dogged to dog

At this time of year, I usually enter a period of why didn’t you get that done self-criticism. I’ve tried to stay positive, focusing on the good things I accomplished in that year.

This year has been different.

I started to ruminate about all the blog posts I never wrote, the opportunities I missed, the Emails I didn’t respond to – but it has all been short-lived.

I owe it all to my new dog (and future studio mate) Wiggum.

My awesome silver standard poodle puppy

Wiggum the super wonder dog of awesomeness

He came home with me last week, but he has already had such a profound effect on me. My brain won’t let me go to the places it usually travels, instead choosing to hitch a ride with my heart. I am just stuffed full of love and positive vibes.

Instead of blaming myself for the sad state of my studio, I’m thinking – Hey, he licked my face!

Instead of feeling nauseous over the not-yet-finished custom order, I’m thinking – He comes when I call his name!

Instead of beating myself up over the work I haven’t put on Etsy yet, I’m thinking – He looks in my eyes and I can tell that he likes me!

In just one week, this little fuzzball has changed me and my life. I am so very thankful!

On that note, I’d like to wish everyone warmth, peace, and love in the coming new year. Thanks so much for hanging in here with me as I travel through my bookish life. I sincerely appreciate my customers and supporters – y’all rock!

11 Responses to “From dogged to dog”

By Liz - 28 December 2011 Reply

OH! Elissa,what a sweet face wiggum has.
Happy holidays to you and your hubbie and of course Wiggum.

By Elissa - 28 December 2011 Reply

Liz –

I know! I totally wanna eat his face.


By Louis J. Cassorla - 28 December 2011 Reply

This post just makes me smile.

By Elissa - 28 December 2011 Reply

Louis –

That makes two of us. 🙂


By dinahmow - 28 December 2011 Reply

Hi, Wiggum! You’re my favourite kind of dog.(Play your cards right and you might even get your own dog-blog!)
Happy new Year, Elissa.

By geiger - 28 December 2011 Reply

Well, you might get a dog-blog, but you’ll need a secretary, too and we sure hope you get a better one than ours! 🙂

By Leah Virsik - 28 December 2011 Reply

Ahh Elissa,

Such a great post! Full of happiness. My sister and her partner got a new dog and I got to meet him this Christmas. He is soo sweet. Glad you got a new dog! Happy new year!


By Amy - 29 December 2011 Reply

Congratulations! He is adorable 🙂

By velma - 29 December 2011 Reply

huge congratulations elissa, and enjoy this relationship you are forging with wiggum. i have had dogs most of my adult life, and they make me a better human. my elderly wendy may not live much longer, so every day is a gift.

By velma - 29 December 2011 Reply

…and i guess what i want to say is that the immediacy of their living is good to be around.

By Elissa - 22 January 2012 Reply

Thanks everyone!

I was bugging my husband about getting a dog for years! I’m so happy that he’s finally here. 🙂


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