Worktable Wednesday

Custom order day!

As I mentioned in this post, some customers brought me a pair of their chopsticks to incorporate into my Purple Plum Blossom journal. They’re really beautiful.    Green chopsticks with purple flowers

They look great with the cover paper – they pick up on the green in the leaves.

Purple Plum Blossom handmade chopstick journal

All packed up and ready to go!

Purple Plum Blossom chopstick journal packaged up

I also had two custom accordion books to work on.

Handmade accordion books in progress

The one on the left is covered in a handmade paper that has cocoa beans in it. The other one has a fun bug paper by Reminiscence Papers.

2 handmade accordion books

If you have a fabulous, crazy, or fabulously crazy idea for a custom book, let me know about it. I love custom work!

One Response to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Debra Glanz - 21 December 2011 Reply

What a hoot to see my Things With Wings paper used for such a cool project – thanks.

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