Worktable Wednesday Giveaway!

Welcome to Elissa’s shamefully backdated Worktable Wednesday!

So craft show season turned into a bit of an organizational smackdown and I lost. As a result, I’ve been blog-neglectful. The timing couldn’t have been worse, because last week marked the one-year anniversary of Worktable Wednesday. I wish I had been more on top of things!

I have decided to mark the occasion by hosting a giveaway, one which showcases one of my other hobbies.

I like to get free stuff.

I use a combination of sales, coupons, rebates, cash back, etc. to get goodies for free – and sometimes I get paid to buy stuff. I have a very modest stockpile, one that is affectionately known as the “Campbell Commissary”.

This giveaway is going to focus on the “work” in “worktable”. Even if you’re not an artist, you still have a worktable of some kind – a desk, dining room table, or kitchen counter. Since I’ve had lots of luck in acquiring freebie office supplies, that’s what’s going into this box o’ fun.

A whole bunch of office supplies

So here’s what you get:

There are several ways to enter – feel free to do as many as you like:

  1. Leave a comment below = 1 entry
  2. If your comment lets me know about which of my handmade books on Etsy is your favorite = 1 additional entry
  3. Add my shop to your favorites on Etsy = 1 entry
  4. Spread the word about the giveaway via Twitter or Facebook = 3 entries each
  5. Mention it in a blog post = 5 entries
  6. Become a fan of Blue Roof Designs on Facebook = 1 entry
  7. Follow me on Twitter = 1 entry
  8. Add me to your circle on Google+ = 1 entry
  9. Send me a picture of you with one of the books you bought from me (send via Email) = 10 entries
  10. And the biggie – if you’ve purchased work from me and feel moved to write a testimonial (send via Email) = 50 entries

If you choose any of options 3-8, let me know by adding a comment below. It’s tough for me to keep track of those things without a head’s up.

The contest will run from December 6th – December 16th, 2011. I’ll announce the winner on December 19th.

Good luck to everyone!


14 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday Giveaway!”

By Elissa - 8 December 2011 Reply

So I have two entries on Facebook, so they’ve each got a 50% chance at winning!

Any other takers? The Post-it thingies are so cool.

🙂 Elissa

By anne - 11 December 2011 Reply

OK, I’ll bite. I love office supplies too!

By Elissa - 11 December 2011 Reply

Anne –

And the Woohoo Award goes to you! 🙂


By Mags Bonham - 11 December 2011 Reply

I have shopped at the Campbell Commissary before. It is quite a stash. When does Wiggums join the family?

By Elissa - 26 December 2011 Reply

Mags –

He’s here – whee!


By Ellen - 11 December 2011 Reply

I was trying to resist, seeing as I need to thin my own piles… oh hell! As for Etsy, I like the Wild Cherry faux snakeskin myself…

By Elissa - 26 December 2011 Reply

Ellen –

Glad you like the Wild Cherry! I have that paper in orange too. I keep debating whether or not I should do an orange version.


By Wesley - 14 December 2011 Reply

Hey I just followed you on Twitter. Great prize.

By Elissa - 26 December 2011 Reply

Wesley –

Glad to have you here and thanks for following me on Twitter!


By Tammy - 15 December 2011 Reply

A perfect time for a goodie bag!

By Liz Schlegel - 16 December 2011 Reply

You shouldn’t encourage me! I have an office supply mania!

By Marianna - 16 December 2011 Reply

Looks like cool stuff, I’d be happy to use some of those things!

By Randy Arnold - 16 December 2011 Reply

A chance to win Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils? I’m in!!

Elissa, I think all of your work is amazing. If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the Small Black and Red Cherry Blossom photo Album. Your Japanese binding is very beautiful, and the overall work contains a “quietness” to it that I find appealing.

By Marianna - 16 December 2011 Reply

I am already a fan on Facebook, love your blog and comments

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