And today’s laugh comes from…

At the Art & Artisans Holiday Market this past weekend, I met a lovely woman who wanted custom books covered in bug paper.

I knew exactly what paper to show her – Debra Glanz of Reminiscence Papers makes awesome printed papers, including three with bugs. She chose Things with Wings, one of my favorites.

Today I received my order and along with the bug paper, I received the cutest little package of printed papers.

In the back of the package was what probably one of the funniest notes I’ve ever received with an order:

These are samples of a few of the papers available in my shop: Have fun using them in your own card making, scrapbooking, collage or even better……make tiny little paper airplanes to annoy your family and friends.



[waiting for husband to come home to pelt with airplanes]

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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