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This week has been crazy. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before.

Tomorrow marks the official beginning of craft show season! For the next two days, I will be selling my work at the Art & Artisans Holiday Market.

You’ll find a wonderful collection of artists at this show. My friends Mags Bonham and Shannon Greenleese will be selling their work at the show as well. Mags has mad skills when it comes to polymer clay and Shannon does fabulous things with precious metal clay.

Today was super-happy-set-up-day, so it began with the packing of the crap. I mean booth and inventory. No, I really mean crap.

It all starts the same way – with a chaotic studio.

Ask me how many times I tripped on stuff today.

Messy studio

Then the van-cramming begins. My packing system is pretty methodical (a.k.a. anal).

Packing the van with craft show stuff

I immediately fell in love with my space in the Mt. Mansfield Union High School library. There really couldn’t be a better space. Except for the fact that I’m not selling zines. Anyway, many thanks to Shannon for snagging me this rocking spot!

Empty craft show booth at Art & Artisans Holiday Market

Next there is the moving of the crap from the van to the booth. Hooray for plastic tubs!

Setting up my craft show booth

And then at some point, it stops looking like crap and turns into an actual booth. I know I was there and I did it, but I really don’t remember much of it.

Craft show booth set up

I still have some tweaking to do tomorrow, but thankfully not much. The show is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and admission is free.

Come by, say hi, and support handmade craft!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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