Worktable Wednesday

I started the day by working on a photo album. This style includes one of my favorite bookcloths – it’s made in France and has a beautiful rose/blue iridescence.

Gluing bookcloth on bookboard

11:17 a.m.

I bought it from Kate’s Paperie a few years ago and have figured out that TexLibris is the manufacturer. Since I don’t live in NYC and can’t make special trips there just for bookcloth, I’ve tried to get a sample book of the full bookcloth line. Sadly, I’ve been unsuccessful. Poo.

Completed photo album spine

11:27 a.m.

Completed photo album covers

11:49 a.m.

After I finished gluing the album covers, I got to work on creating samples for tomorrow’s Mixed Media Cards workshop at Studio Place Arts.

Prototype for mixed media card

1:35 p.m.

My worktable quickly started to get out of control. The picture below was the beginning of the chaos that ensued. Everything was everywhere.

Thankfully, my hubby pulled me out of my downward craft spiral by making me a cup of hot chocolate. That helped.

Messy studio worktable

5:43 p.m.

It’s not often that I get to break out my collection of rubber stamps. I have one whole shoebox devoted to frog rubber stamps. Seriously.

Plastic tubs full of rubber stamps

5:43 p.m.

I love making workshop kits. This is just the beginning – each kit includes enough paper and envelopes to create 12 cards.

Kits for Mixed Media Cards workshop

5:44 p.m.

I can’t wait to see what people create tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By DrRuss - 28 October 2011 Reply

If you want me to pick something up and send it to you, let me know. I believe that this bookcloth is sold at NY Central Art Supply (which I frequent often) and Talas (which I will be placing an order next week). Let me know–russ

By Elissa - 28 October 2011 Reply

Russ –

Thanks for the offer! I have enough of the rose color to last for a while.

What I really want is to know about all of the other colors. On their website, they have boxes covered in this gorgeous orange cloth – I WANT IT.

Still crossing my fingers for a response. 🙂


By dinahmow - 28 October 2011 Reply

A shoebox full of frog stamps? Really? Lucky you!

By Elissa - 31 October 2011 Reply

Diane –

I wish I had more reason to use my frog stamps on a regular basis, but I’m not aware of any frog trend right now. I’m patiently waiting for Etsy to break the news on that one. 🙂


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