The Bed Pan of Triangles

Bed pan full of paper triangles

I have a bed pan of triangles in my studio.

Wait – you don’t have one too?

I guess I should start with the origin of the bed pan. Earlier this year, I had all of my wisdom teeth removed. My sister came with me to the appointment as I wouldn’t be able to drive myself home.

So I’m in recovery and I start to feel nauseous. I really don’t like throwing up and I’m doing my best to hold it together.

It is at this time that my sister decides to reminisce about the previous night’s episode of Glee, which included a group vomit scene.

And then I throw up. Thanks Sis.

The doctor gave me a bed pan to take with me in the car, just in case. Thankfully, I didn’t need to use it.

But I just don’t throw things away. Never look a gift bed pan in the mouth.

So I also had a bunch of paper triangles.

When you make books and are covering boards, you trim off the excess material to eliminate unnecessary bulk.

Untrimmed paper glued to bookboard


Paper glued to bookboard with corners trimmed

Ahhh...that's better

Did I mention that I just don’t throw things away? Never look a gift paper triangle in the mouth.

Bed pan of spilled paper triangles

It seemed like a natural fit.

7 Responses to “The Bed Pan of Triangles”

By Annie - 26 October 2011 Reply

well, of course now I want to know what do you do with them …..??? ;-D

By Elissa - 26 October 2011 Reply

Annie –

I’m trying to figure out a way to use them in my Mixed Media Cards class. I’m working on prototypes today, so we’ll see how that works out.


By Randi Parkhurst - 31 October 2011 Reply

How about using them as part of the pretty stuff in a kaleidescope (probably didn’t spell that right…)?

By Elissa - 4 November 2011 Reply

Randi –

I’m digging the kaleidoscope idea!

FYI – I didn’t spell it correctly on my first try either. I had to look it up. 🙂


By Elissa - 28 October 2011 Reply

Update: I just received an Email that corrected my identification of the crescent-shaped receptacle – it is actually an emesis basin and not a bed pan.

Many thanks to Raphiel for the information. I appreciate that you contacted me. 🙂


By velma - 28 October 2011 Reply

i was indeed wondering how you would use that crescent as a bedpan! why not just take the triangles and let them play?

By Elissa - 31 October 2011 Reply

Velma –

Is it weird that I could imagine using it as a bed pan? Maybe I’m just optimistic about my abilities…

Yeah, triangle play would be fun. Sadly, it’s on hold until after my upcoming craft shows.


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