Worktable Wednesday

Back in the studio!

Today I glued coptic journal covers using two sheets of the paper I got from Chena River Marblers.

Cut journal bookboard covers

My sketchbook - figuring out how to cut bookboard and cover paper

The super notebook of everything

I simply cannot resist this marbled paper. I want to eat it.

Working with it has a super-positive effect on my mood. And I’d like to express my gratitude for the fact that it’s grain long – I can get two journals from each sheet.

Marbled paper from Chena River Marblers

Gluing journal covers

Journal covers with marbled paper

Hello. I love you.

Journal covers in the book press

Now to sort out the linen thread colors…

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Liz Scoville Kappel - 14 October 2011 Reply

I want some of this paper the colours make me drool!

By Elissa - 14 October 2011 Reply

Liz –

They’re having an open studio in December. I think that Jill, Elizabeth and I will be going. You’re welcome to join us. 🙂


By Ellen - 16 October 2011 Reply


By Elissa - 18 October 2011 Reply

Ellen –

Trying hard to not drool on it.


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