Guild of Book Workers – Standards Seminar 2011

Standards Conference Badge - Guild of Book Workers 2011Last week I attended the Guild of Book WorkersSeminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding.

It was both inspiring and intimidating.

Don’t get me wrong – I had a wonderful time. I did, however, often wonder how exactly I ended up at the grown ups table.

Conference presenters included Dan Essig, Katherine Beaty, John DeMerritt, and Todd Pattison. I’ll talk about their presentations in future blog posts.

For now, I’ll just focus on the goodies. Oh yes, there was lots of shopping going on.

The first stop was Akkra. In a nutshell, these nice folks specialize in tools that don’t stick. I started off by purchasing two teflon burnishers – I’m looking forward to trying out these new shapes.

Teflon burnishers from Akkra, Inc.

Then I picked up a teflon-coated spatula set. I’m not a big fan of picking glue boogers off of my tools.

Teflon coated spatula set from Akkra, Inc.

The last purchase was a tweezer set. I’m really digging the soldering tweezers (the pair at the bottom of the image).

Tweezer set from Akkra, Inc.

Next was a purchase from Colophon Book Arts Supply. I am now the proud owner of an 18″ Incra Precision T-Rule – I’ve been dying to get one of these since I attended the Focus on Book Arts conference earlier this year.

18" Incra Precision T-Rule

I bought two bookcloth sample books from Hiromi Paper. These books include samples that aren’t available from Talas. One book is for World Cloth (a.k.a. Asahi)…

World Cloth bookcloth sample book from Hiromi Paper

LOVE the crackle!

…and the other is for Text Libris and Text Lifil.

Text Libris and Text Lifil bookcloth sample books from Hiromi Paper

The last thing I bought from Hiromi was some awesome apple papyrus from Germany. It’s a lot thinner and lighter than you’d expect. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.

Apple papyrus from Germany

I bought the most amazing book from Bookbinders WorkshopThe Exquisite Notes by Sylvia Ramos Alotta. I was told that this book was just released within the past few weeks.

"The Exquisite Notes" - bookbinding book by Sylvia Ramos Alotta

The book is an instruction manual on bookbinding, presented in a sketchbook format – the sketches are so lovely! Techniques range from pamphlet stitch to the Armenian binding.

Page spread from "The Exquisite Notes" - bookbinding book by Sylvia Ramos Alotta

Last, but certainly not least, was the wonderful marbled paper from Chena River Marblers. I’ll be using these on a series of coptic journals, making their debut (hopefully) at my next craft show.

Marbled papers from Chena River Marblers

Marbled papers from Chena River Marblers

Marbled paper from Chena River Marblers


Marbled papers from Chena River Marblers

Did I say YUM?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tour of what emptied my wallet. Anyone want to help me put it away?

8 Responses to “Guild of Book Workers – Standards Seminar 2011”

By Ellen - 13 October 2011 Reply

I’m drooling.

By Elissa - 14 October 2011 Reply

Ellen –

Drool target(s) = ?


By Ellen - 16 October 2011 Reply

Those teflon tools are pretty nifty looking. And the book looks wonderful! Not that I don’t lust for paper and book cloth. But I do love gizmos and books. I actually have a teflon rib like the one you have there and love it. I’ll also be curious to see what you think of the T-rule.

By Elissa - 18 October 2011 Reply

Ellen –

The T-rule is flexible, so it can be used on curved surfaces. Not that I’m making any round books, but you never know.


By Liz Scoville Kappel - 14 October 2011 Reply

Let me start by saying OMG!OMG! My mouth actually was drooling over the colours in the marbled paper, looks like you had a great time.

By Elissa - 14 October 2011 Reply

Liz –

Yeah, the paper is seriously amazing – the colors are really explosive.


By Amanda - 30 October 2011 Reply

After checking out the Hiromi Papers site and noting that there are no chemicals used in making the apple paper, I have to say “it looks good enough to eat!”

I love all your new stuff, and am looking forward to hearing more about the conference presentations.

By Elissa - 31 October 2011 Reply

Amanda –

I love snacking on dried apples, so whenever I see the paper I immediately think about licking it.

I’m working now on finishing up the series of posts about the conference, so stay tuned – they’re coming!


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