Bookboard super-suck

On the day of the supreme Bookboard-o-rama, I talked about the arrival of a ginormous amount of bookboard. I was really excited because the sheets were slightly larger than my last purchase, which meant that there was potential for getting more covers from each board.

DrRuss asked me the following:

Do you cut the sheets in half and then use the KT or do you cut to size from the big sheets.

I replied that I cut everything with my my Kutrimmer 1071 and didn’t need to do any cutting by hand.

Since then, my bookboard bliss has been shattered.

The size of my new board is too wide for my Kutrimmer, which can only accommodate sheets that are up to 28.5″ in length. I am heartbroken.

I have 170 sheets of board that I can’t cut with my board shear.


Kutrimmer 1080 paper cutter

Kutrimmer 1080

I am now obsessed with acquiring a Kutrimmer 1080.

It has a cutting length of up to 31.25″ and would work on my new bookboard. It has a foot pedal for clamping and a fold-down table extension to support large pieces. And it has legs, therefore making it easier for me to anthropomorphize it.

And it’s pretty and shiny.

And it has a price tag of $1,664.00.

Dear Magical Bag of Money,

Please hurry up and get here. I need to buy a new Kutrimmer.



8 Responses to “Bookboard super-suck”

By Liesan - 19 September 2011 Reply

I am also obsessed with getting that very same Kutrimmer 1080, around here I have actually seen them being sold second hand by art supply stores going out of business (so sad!) for a lot less than the retail price.

My even bigger obsession is finding a new house where I will actually have space to put it though :/ at least I have time to save up 🙂

Is there no printe, coppy shop or art supplie stoe nearby where you can have those sheets cut to a more managable size? (or do it yourself) it is what I usually do

By Elissa - 19 September 2011 Reply

Liesan –

Thankfully, I do have an option, but it’s an hour away. Dartmouth College has a book arts program and they offer open studio time.

They have a board shear – I have to find out if it’s big enough. If so, I’ll drive down there and cut my boards to a workable size.


By LizzieMade - 19 September 2011 Reply

Just a question… did they send you larger sheets than you actually ordered? Because you could always ask them to replace those sheets with what you asked for? Just a thought..
Or, spend ages cutting a strip off each board, so it fits your current trimmer…
Mine only takes sheets of paper, up to 12″ wide – so I think you’ve got a head start on me – all board is hand-cut here!! (one day I’ll afford a studio with room for a big trimmer – and also afford the trimmer itself…)
Good luck, whatever you end up doing.

By Elissa - 19 September 2011 Reply

Lizzie –

Their boards are only one size. In the six years since my last order, they started making them larger. As I told Liesan above, I’ll probably go down to Dartmouth and use their board shear. Geez, what a pain!


By Holly - 19 September 2011 Reply

Ugh. I feel your pain. But, goodness ahead in all that you make!

By Elissa - 2 October 2011 Reply

Holly –

Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂


By Ellen - 19 September 2011 Reply

Oh Kutrimmer gods, please grant Elissa a 1080! And give me one too, while you’re at it! Actually, I might not mind your 1071. I have a 1046, which was a vast improvement over my old setup. It has an automatic clamp, which I wanted because I have problems with arm strength and pain. Unfortunately, I discovered that the clamp is only strong enough to hold down paper. Boards slide like crazy. Ugh!! I’m now wishing I’d just gotten one with a hand clamp like yours. But in my fantasies, a foot clamp sounds mighty nice. But I’m not running a business and can’t justify such a luxury. . . you, on the other hand . . .

By Elissa - 2 October 2011 Reply

Ellen –

I’m imagining some kind of military drop, where they fly over bookbinder’s homes and push Kutrimmers out the airplane door with parachutes attached.

It is good having the clamp. Unfortunately, I seem to have sensitive hands and if I cut board for too long, I get blisters. If I want to get any amount of work done, I have to wear a glove on my girly hand.


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