Worktable Wednesday

I spent time today volunteering in Montpelier, where Tropical Storm Irene had caused flooding in a number of downtown businesses.

It was heartbreaking to hear Kismet‘s owner talk about how her restaurant had flooded three times in the last eight months. I’m hoping that she meets her goal of reopening this weekend.

It was hard to get to work when I returned home. For whatever reason, I finally settled on painting my naked file drawer fronts.

Metal file drawers


I learned a lot about myself while spray painting the drawers:

  1. I suck at spray painting.
  2. I have no patience for making repeated light coats of paint because…
  3. …I really like drowning the crap out of a surface.
  4. Even though I can’t see well, I will justify spray painting in the dark .

So my drawers aren’t coated evenly and have visible paint drips. I also touched the drawers before they were dry, thus creating some charming fingerprints.

Painted metal file drawer

It looks like I have more spray painting in my future. Meh.

My frustrations floated away once I stopped to look at the rocking sunset:

Vermont sunset

I realized that the drawers matched the sunset and therefore, could not be 100% evil.

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Laura - 3 September 2011 Reply

Elissa, I think we are sisters when it comes to spray painting! Why do 3 coats when 1 gets the job done? Oh, and not to mention, spray painting in winter, my black sorels are speckled now!

By Elissa - 6 September 2011 Reply

Laura –

While I don’t have speckled sorrels, my driveway now has two tarp-shaped tattoos – one in each of the two colors I used on my drawers.


By Lotus - 4 September 2011 Reply

Great post! I think you have a lot of sisters here in blogland. I can totally relate to the drips, fingerprints and overall messiness. To me, it’s like proof that “I did this” good or bad.

By Elissa - 6 September 2011 Reply

Lotus –

I did it all right. 🙂 As long as there’s still paint in the can, I’m going to keep spraying it until it smooths out.

[crosses fingers]


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