Worktable Wednesday

Today I took my worktable outside to Blue Ocean Breeze the crap out of this file drawer thingie (see this post for the back story):

Grey metal file drawer


Metal file drawer painted blue


It’s looking Smurfy!

Unfortunately, the paint job is a bit sloppy – I probably should have read the directions on the spray can before I started.

I still have to paint the 2 drawers. I had considered taping off the drawer handles, but now I think I’m just going to go all Totally Tangerine on it.

I’m currently working on 2 custom orders from Etsy – strangely, they are both the same design (Sea Green Floral).

Gluing bookcloth to handmade book covers

9:24 p.m.

Partially finished handmade book covers

10:59 p.m.

Oh yeah, I was up late. I’m looking forward to sending them out in Friday’s mail!

3 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Ellen - 19 August 2011 Reply

I do so like your description of the painting process! It’s 11:30 pm PST and I’m taking a break from gluing the crap out of some books myself. . . and hoping you are not still up doing similarly EST.

Those drawers are going to look fantastic! I was going to vote, but couldn’t decide. I like the winners.

By Elissa - 19 August 2011 Reply

Ellen –

I do love the word “crap”…it’s just so perfect for so many things.

In general, I try not to glue anything after 9:00 p.m. – things tend to go wrong after that. It’s kinda like feeding Gremlins after midnight.


By Ellen - 20 August 2011 Reply

I agree–crap is a great word! Unfortunately, though, I feel it’s been hanging around my studio a bit too much lately…

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