Book Arts Guild of Vermont visit to UVM Special Collections

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a meeting of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont. This month’s meeting was our annual trip to UVM Special Collections at the Bailey/Howe Library. As I’ve mentioned before, Special Collections at UVM has a spectacular artist book collection and is well-regarded by the College Art Association.

I always get a lot out of our visits – Prudence Doherty does a wonderful job of selecting books for us to view. If I remember correctly, the book themes chosen for us included home, food, and animals.

I loved the letterpressed Meatball Math, by Alice Austin. The structure was cool – kind of like a caterpillar. I’m also big fan of math and orange things.

 "Meatball Math" handmade artist book by Alice Austin

I loved this colophon for Out West by Carol Blinn of Warwick Press. It included swatches of two materials used in both the book and its accompanying box – Japanese Sugi Veneer and De Wint handmade paper. I’d love to include swatches in my colophons going forward.

Colophon for "Out West" by Carol Blinn of Warwick Press

I adored Common Threads by Candace Hicks. This book is one of a series of hand-embroidered canvas books created in the style of a composition notebook. Everything is hand-stitched – every single word.

The book is insane. In a good way.

"Common Threads" handmade book by Candace Hicks

Page spread of "Common Threads" handmade book by Candace Hicks

The precision of Laura Davidson‘s Mapping My World was really impressive:

Handmade book by Laura Davidson - "Mapping My World"

I liked the cover technique on The Mexican Dog-Tosser by Lois Morrison. She cut out the letters from a light piece of paper and then layered it over a darker material to make the letters appear.

Handmade book by Lois Morrison - "The Mexican Dog-Tosser"

I usually leave Special Collections feeling both inspired and overwhelmed – I get such a flood of ideas. Thankfully, I take detailed notes and can refer to them in the future when I’m ready.

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By velma - 18 August 2011 Reply

i thought i might make this meeting-it’s a bit of a haul for me!
carol’s books are always amazing, and her colophons often tell stories.24RR

By Elissa - 19 August 2011 Reply

Velma –

One day we’ll meet, I just know it!


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