Paperwork in 3D exhibit at the Shelburne Museum

Sign from Paperwork in 3D exhibit at the Shelburne Museum

A few weeks ago, I saw the Paperwork in 3D exhibit at the Shelburne Museum. It was amazing!

I have to admit that I don’t visit the Shelburne Museum often enough. I think I’ve taken it for granted because it’s right in my backyard. It really is a beautiful place and they have great skill in how they curate their exhibits.

Paperwork in 3D features the work of 23 artists who use paper as their medium, using a wide variety of techniques. The paper used varied as well – from discarded books to tax forms.

Something I thought was brilliant was how the Museum put out samples of the different materials used – it offered a wonderful way for people to better understand the work. It also gave me the opportunity to paw at paper, one of my favorite pastimes.

Paper samples at the Shelburne Museum

There were so many fabulous pieces in the exhibit. I had to limit the number 0f photos I took because I realized that it kept me from really experiencing the work.

Here are some of the pieces I liked:

Cut paper art by Lauren Clay

"Peggotty" by Lauren Clay

Love Is In The Hair by Jared Andrew Schorr

"Love Is In The Hair" by Jared Andrew Schorr

Grumpy McFrump - cut paper art by Matthew Hawkins

"Grumpy McFrump" by Matthew Hawkins

Cut paper art by Doug Beube

Work by Doug Beube

Paper art by Nava Lubelski

"1998 Tax File" by Nava Lubelski

Cut paper art by Matt Shlian

"Maxine and Me" by Matt Shlian

Pop-up book model by Matthew Reinhart

Pop-up book model by Matthew Reinhart

I tend to have magical thinking about artwork, like it just comes out of thin air and doesn’t start anywhere. It was awesome to see the working model of one of Matt Reinhart’s books – it brings me back down to earth.

It’s not too late to see the exhibit for yourself – it runs now through October 30, 2011. And if the thought of seeing all the awesome work doesn’t get you to the Shelburne Museum, maybe the vintage carousel will (yes, you can ride it).

If you’d like to learn more about the artists featured above, here are their websites:

2 Responses to “Paperwork in 3D exhibit at the Shelburne Museum”

By margaret - 22 September 2011 Reply

Would love to see this exhibition – but I’m thousands of miles away (London UK)- we do have paper and books here too, though!
I’m enjoying your blog and seeing your work.

By Elissa - 2 October 2011 Reply

Margaret –

Thanks for the compliment!

The exhibit is pretty awesome. I’ve always appreciated when people take pictures at faraway exhibits…I like being able to return the favor when we have exhibits in Vermont.


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