Worktable Wednesday

Something I’ve learned over the years is that it never hurts to ask. Ask about what? Well, pretty much anything. As long as you’re prepared to hear “no” a lot of the time, the benefits are worthwhile.

Case in point – Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery. From this point on, I’ll refer to them as VBCC.

When I attended the Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival last year, I noticed that VBCC had a bunch of wooden crates stacked up behind their booth. The crates are part of the packaging for their cheese.

Not only do they look cool, but they also have a job to do – from their website:

This wooden crate and micro-perforated film allows the cheese to breathe and continue to ripen while maintaining the proper level of moisture.

Fast forward to this year’s Cheese Festival. I’m looking at the crates behind their booth and thinking that they must be trash. They can’t reuse them for food – it’s probably against some kind of health regulation.  I decide to ask if I can have them

Score! I think I got 3 crates that day and I was in heaven.

Fast forward to this year. I go by the VBCC booth. Once again, there are stacks of crates.

I ask. I score.

They give me a box full of crates which includes 10 large and 12 small ones.

Piles of wooden cheese crates

Sadly, some of them have to be discarded because there’s cheese stuck to them (gross). A couple of the large one were broken and aren’t repairable. No worries – there’s still plenty to play with.

I decided to use the large crates to organize my paper and bookcloth sample book collection. They are the perfect size.

Paper and bookcloth sample books in cheese crate

Paper and bookcloth sample books in cheese crate

I keep the sample books on the top shelf of my bookcase and whenever I need them, it’s easy enough to pull down the full crate.

Many thanks to Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery!

By the way, you have to try their Cultured Butter with Sea Salt Crystals and Fresh Goat Cheese with Herbs.


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