Stowe Street Arts Festival Make-and-Take

Sign at the Stowe Street Arts Festival

This past Saturday I did a free make-and-take at the Stowe Street Arts Festival. It was rather bittersweet, as I worked as a consultant for the Festival for the past two years, but not this year.

While I had a hard time letting go, I’ll admit that it was fun to attend the Festival without having a ginormous to-do list in my bag.

The project was an origami accordion book, which is an easy structure for drop-in workshop attendees. If you’re interest in making your own, you can download a copy of my handout.

I brought enough materials for more than 40 people (yes, I’m overly-optimistic), but I ended up with a nice, mellow group of about a dozen people – a pleasant mix of adults and children.

I have to say that this project wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was without the presence of glitter glue.

I once heard someone say that glitter is the demon of the craft world – it never really goes away. Thankfully, glitter glue is demon-free*.

* Please note that demon-freeness has not been tested nor proven by any scientific entity.

One of my workshop participants turned out to be the professional question asker from my artist talk at T.W. Wood Gallery summer camp last week. He made an awesome book that was swimming in glitter glue.

Workshop participant at the Stowe Street Arts Festival

* Please note that no demons were present during the creation of his book.

I look forward to next year’s Festival!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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