Heather’s wedding suite

Elissa Campbell, bridesmaid

The shawl, the victim

As I recently mentioned, I was a bridesmaid in my sister in-law’s wedding. I had never been a bridesmaid before and was quite honored to have been chosen.

Among my many responsibilities was to go to a fireworks store (yes, they exist – apparently within 5 minutes of my home) and buy sparklers.

I did not realize at the time that said sparklers would result in my catching on fire – more specifically, my shawl.

I’d like to publicly thank my sister in-law for giving the shawl to me as a bridesmaid gift – No stop, drop, and roll for me – I just blew that flame out. Not sure why I didn’t have a major freak out…the whole thing just seemed so damn hilarious.

Now that the wedding has passed, I can show you some of the things I worked on.

I printed the invitations on my Gocco…I think I went through 3 or 4 screens on the main invitation. It was late in the process that I finally realized that my printing problems were not due to the screen, but to the deep texture of the paper (Strathmore Grandee). It was hard to get consistent results.

Wedding invitation Gocco screen

Inked wedding invitation Gocco screen

Gocco'ed wedding invitations

I had to hand-correct the majority of them – I think I fixed over 2,000 little green hearts.

These printed cards were trimmed and punched to become hang tags:

Gocco'ed wedding invitation - information tags

Gocco'ed wedding invitation - information tags

Loved the heart punch

Here’s what the final package looked like – very vintage:

Gocco'ed wedding invitations - packaged

I liked everything much better once it was finished. The baker’s twine was key in pulling it all together.

I made a few other things, like place cards and favor tags:

Wedding favor tags and place cards

The bride included Moo cards on her favor tags - cute!

I also made the guest book, programs, and some other signage, but forgot to take pictures.

The wedding had lots of fun and personal touches – Heather worked hard to give everyone a memorable experience. There was a casual photo booth that included a quilt as a backdrop and an old trunk full of props.

That’s the last of my husband’s siblings – two brothers and two sisters. I’m thrilled that all of them trusted me to make their wedding invitations!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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