I’m still on for Open Studio Weekend!

In case you haven’t heard, central Vermont got hammered by a major storm last night. There’s lots of flooding, fallen trees, and mudslides.

As of right now, I have no power. And no internet (I’m at my husband’s office).

Thankfully, my home suffered no damage – we have a rock solid house.

I wanted to assure everyone that I am still participating in Open Studio Weekend this weekend. Unfortunately, the directions that are printed in the Open Studio Tour Guide are no longer usable.

The bottom of my street was torn up. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Gallison Hill Road damage, Montpelier, VT 5/27/11

And this is what used to be under that road:

Pipe torn out of the road by runoff water

The force of the runoff water was so great that it ripped the pipe out of the road. I imagine that it will take a while for this to get fixed.

If you come for Open Studio Weekend, you will need to take an alternative route.

Here’s what you do (this is using the Main street Shaws as a starting point):

  1. Starting from Shaws on Main Street, head northeast on Main St toward Stone Cutters Way for 0.4 miles.
  2. At the traffic circle, take the first exit and continue straight on Main Street for 0.8 miles.
  3. Turn right onto Towne Hill Road and drive 2.0 miles.
  4. Turn right onto Gallison Hill Road.  My house/studio is on the right side of the road, 0.8 miles down the hill, #846.

I created the Google Map below to help you get to my studio.

Get me to Blue Roof Designs!

Depending on whether or not we have power, you may experience the first annual candlelit studio tour! I look forward to seeing you!

13 Responses to “I’m still on for Open Studio Weekend!”

By dinahmow - 27 May 2011 Reply

Jeepers! I hope you don’t have repeats of that sucker! And I hope you DO have some visitors.

By Claudine Intner - 27 May 2011 Reply

Wow! That’s unbelievable. Best wishes for a successful open studio. I hope your power returns quickly.

By Mame McKee - 27 May 2011 Reply

Good job re routing folks, Elissa.
So sorry to hear and see your street. Glad all are okay. Good luck tomorrow.

By MJ Russell - 27 May 2011 Reply

Elissa, so sorry to hear about all the flooding down your way. We got 3″ but nothing like what you got hit with – again! Best wishes for a great weekend! MJ

By Elissa - 27 May 2011 Reply

Thanks so much for the good vibes everyone! I’m trying to stay positive. They are saying that we’ll have power back on by 10:30 p.m., which is less than an hour away…keeping my fingers crossed.

By the way, it’s really hard to clean your studio in the dark. I have a headlamp on that we use for camping, which should help.

🙂 Elissa

By Anne Majusiak - 27 May 2011 Reply

Hang in there Elissa. And thanks for the update. I am still planning on stopping by (especially since I know you have good snacks and possibly the first ever candlelight tour!). What a storm! It’s awful that there is so much damage everywhere.

By Elissa - 27 May 2011 Reply

Anne –

So glad you’re coming by. At least I know I won’t be talking to myself all day. 🙂 The power just came back on, but maybe I’ll light a candle or two anyway…

Snacks = Double-stuffed Oreos, Triscuits, & baby carrots.


By Ellen - 27 May 2011 Reply

Yeay! Glad to hear your lights are back! Maybe you’ll even have extra visitors coming to check out the new landscaping? As long as they like books…

By LizzieMade - 28 May 2011 Reply

Woooah! How awful! Good for you, for not giving up on your Open Studio plans. I hope you are getting a good number of visitors, in spite of the problems. We’ve had windy weather and some rain over here – but nothing like Vermont! I hope all is soon restored to normal – weather included.
Good luck with the Open Studios weekend!

By Laura - 28 May 2011 Reply

Oh my goodness, you really did get hammered! Good to hear you are safe and sound, and thankfully have an alternative road. Hope the studio weekend is going well for you.

By Stitchworks - 29 May 2011 Reply

Sorry about your street, but pleased it was not any worse for you.
Best wishes.

By velma - 29 May 2011 Reply

holy cow, elissa, the storms passed us by and smashed you. i am so sorry. good luck with restoration.

By Elissa - 7 June 2011 Reply

It’s really just proving to be nothing more than an inconvenience for us. Many others have suffered much greater. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes.


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