Worktable Wednesday

Today was an awesome day.

I did something that I’ve wanted to do for more than five years – I replaced my studio bookshelves! My library has suffered from saggy shelf syndrome for way too long.

Here are some before shots:

Bookbinding books library of Blue Roof Designs

Before. Sad.

Bookbinding books library of Blue Roof Designs

Hey! Saggy McSag!

Then all of the books came out…

Bookbinding books library of Blue Roof Designs

5:08 p.m.

…which signaled the beginning of total studio destruction.

This project was probably not a good idea to dive into this week. With Open Studio Weekend a few days away, I should be doing the usual studio cleanse.

But no. I looked at the shelves and thought to myself, ooohhh…shiny.

There was no hope for rational thought.

Long story short – look at my rocking new, neat, well-organized shelves!

Bookbinding books library of Blue Roof Designs

After. Happy!

And yes, I’m well aware that these new shelves are already sagging slightly…but ooohhh shiny!

If you come by for Open Studio Weekend, feel free to stay a while and go through the library. I’ve acquired many new books in the last year and I’m happy to make recommendations.

3 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Ellen - 27 May 2011 Reply

Ooh… I’m envious! Very nice. I love your book collection too. I see we share a bit of a fetish there…. speaking of which, I was so intrigued by your post a while back about the Japanese books that a few months ago I bit and ordered some myself. I LOVE them! Never would’ve done it without your advice and encouragement. I owe you thanks for that one. It was a really special treat.

I hope your lovely straight shelves soon have lighted lamps to go with them again soon… [eek!]

By Elissa - 27 May 2011 Reply

Ellen –

So glad to hear you’re enjoying your Japanese books!

I still have three more that I haven’t reviewed yet because I have to consult with a friend who speaks Japanese…there are batches of pages that I just don’t understand.

I was checking out Amazon Japan recently…I’m already coveting some more books. I just won’t can’t stop myself.


By Ellen - 14 June 2011 Reply

Sigh. . . I’ve found myself eyeing some others too! Oh dear . . . !

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