Worktable Wednesday

Handmade guest books in progress

Today was pretty mellow. I worked on some guest books, including one for my sister in-law’s upcoming wedding.

Have I mentioned that I’m going to be a bridesmaid for the first time in my life? The bookcloth spine on the guest book is almost an exact match for the bridesmaid dresses (I actually like my dress) – it’s a lovely color.

The air in my studio was really interesting today – not good for curly hair, but still pleasant. Once I had the PVA open, it smelled sooo good. It actually made me think of ice cream.

I’m not really sure what PVA ice cream would taste like, but I don’t have a pressing need to find out.

Speaking of pressing, this is where the guest book covers ended up:

Two book presses on top of a library card catalog

I finally own a library card catalog that fits in my studio – I got it off Craigslist last month for $25.00! The size is perfect – a smidge wider and it wouldn’t have fit. It didn’t come with a top, so you can see into the top row of drawers. After I get through Open Studio Weekend, I’ll work on fixing that.

In addition to being awesome in general, the drawers elevated my presses high enough so that I can access and use both of them. Before, they were too low and I could only use one of them.

Now I just need to figure out what to put in the drawers…

One Response to “Worktable Wednesday”

By CathyR - 18 May 2011 Reply

I just got a card catalog similar to yours – 15 drawers. If you’re like me, you’ll have no problem filling the drawers!

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