Book Arts Hotspots Worldwide

Kudos to bookbinder & conservator Peter Verheyen for creating the Book Arts Hotspots Worldwide Google Map. In case you don’t know Peter, he’s the super genius behind the Book Arts Web.

Make that awesome map bigger!

As you may have already guessed, the map includes a variety of book arts-related locations, such as schools, suppliers, libraries, etc. As folks continue to contribute new spots, this is only going to get better.

It’s a wonderful resource – bookmark this puppy mappy!

2 Responses to “Book Arts Hotspots Worldwide

By Caroline - 5 May 2011 Reply

So awesome. I just downloaded it to my phone.

By Peter Verheyen - 6 May 2011 Reply

Or now just go to With instructions for adding links even. Amazing the things one can find to do to avoid doing real work – in this case binding projects at home…

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