It’s my 3-year blogiversary!

Actually, yesterday was my 3-year blogiversary. Tardy slip for me.

I’m still excited – I’m three! I’m three!

It seems that the traditional gift for a third anniversary is leather, so I’m going to do a leathery giveaway.

Handmade Budgie Grabby Journal

I want to be yours!

The winner of the giveaway will win one of my Budgie Grabby Journals. As you can see in the image above, the book is bound over leather straps.

I’ve been trying to think of something book-related to request in the entries, but the fact is that my computer crashed today and I’ve been reinstalling programs for hours.

Can’t think – brain ache.

Due to lack of proper anger management, I have decided that the requirement for entry is that you leave a comment including some type of awesome computer revenge fantasy and/or spectacular act of destruction.

If you were to kill your computer, how would you do it?

The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t feel too much pressure to entertain. Entries will be accepted until midnight on April 10th and the winner will be selected on April 11th.

Let the technological mayhem commence!

9 Responses to “It’s my 3-year blogiversary!”

By Stacie Mincher - 5 April 2011 Reply

I would perform surgery on mine with tweezers and take it apart bit by bit. Then I would challenge myself to use every part to create some really fabulous recycled jewelry. Then I would sell it all (hopefully) and use the money to buy a better computer.

By Margaret - 5 April 2011 Reply

With a bolt of lightening!

Lovely book…… I shall cross my fingersand wish!

By buechertiger - 5 April 2011 Reply

Let’s see how much punching the screen can take. If hitting it hurts too much without visible damage let’s try a hammer…

Happy blogiversary!


By anne - 5 April 2011 Reply

Ahhh, I have imagined just such a thing many… many times. I always picture throwing it out the window, just heaving the whole dang thing right through windowpane and all.

By Debbie - 5 April 2011 Reply

Congrats on 3 years!!! I have had so many thoughts of what I would like to do, but always resort to calling my go-to-guy (hubby) and let me feel the thrill of victory of fixing it for me!

By T - 6 April 2011 Reply

pluck each key out of the keyboard one by one and then dropping it a cliff for maximum destruction.

By Holly - 7 April 2011 Reply

I actually had the joy of doing this once. I was getting a new computer via my job so I was able to throw the old one at a wall. My basement wall and it was such a satisfying smash. Childish, yet satisfying.

By Tammy - 7 April 2011 Reply

Congratulations to you!
I would take my computer to a tall building when no one else was around and throw it off, however, I have technologically literate family members who come to my aid when I need it.

By Karleigh Jae - 9 April 2011 Reply

I’ve always wanted to microwave a computer and watch it explode.

Three years of blogging! Congrats and we all hope for more wonderful posts!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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