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Stylish Blogger Award logoIt was such a lovely surprise today to find that I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!

I’m hoping that the stylish part isn’t referring to me – given the choice, I’d wear overalls every day. Or pajamas.

It seems that this award comes with a four-step program, so here we go:

Step 1: Let folks know who gave me the tiara (there’s a tiara, right?).

Hilke – a.k.a. buechertiger is the wonderful person who made my day. Her bookbinding work is really inspiring – check out her Etsy shop. I own her instruction manual on coptic headbands and recommend it highly.

Step 2: Share 7 random things about yourself.

Oh boy, here we go:

  1. I met Richard Simmons when I worked at the Philadelphia International Airport.
  2. When I was in college, I attended a stand-up performance with Kevin Nealon. I was sitting in the front row and he picked on me as part of his routine.
  3. I wore a gorilla suit in a production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Thankfully, I had no lines.
  4. I’ve been mystery shopping for about 9 years.
  5. I met Julia Child when I worked at Paper Source. She came in looking for a rubber stamp of a chicken and knocked over a display on her way out of the store.
  6. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. Not even one puff.
  7. I can eat a 1 lb. bag of Twizzlers in one sitting. And there’s usually unpleasant sitting that follows, so don’t try this at home.

Step 3: Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award.

This one is hard – I currently have 979 blogs in my Google Reader. I’m pathologically curious and I suffer from overwhelming interest. I have no idea who has been added recently, so I’ll just list ones that I’m really into:

  1. Catalog Living: I love that they skewer the “perfect” life forced on us in catalogs.
  2. Donna Meyers’ 365: Make a Book a Day: Donna is pretty much doing what her blog title indicates – she’s creating a handmade book for each day this year. I admire her dedication.
  3. Alyson Stanfield’s ArtBizBlog: Alyson offers business advice that is tailor-made for artists and encourages you to take control of your creative career. I’ve taken two of her online classesBlast Off and Cultivate Collectors – and they were amazing. She also has an awesome book – I’d Rather Be in the Studio.
  4. Harriete Berman’s Ask Harriete: Harriete also offers business advice for artists. She has a no-nonsense approach, which I like. And on top of that, her creative work is fabulous.
  5. Nicolette Tallmadge’s The Crafted Webmaster: It seems I’m on a business theme here…Nicolette offers great website marketing advice to artists. Her 15 minute craft podcasts are easily digestible – you can listen to them when you’re working in the studio (keep a notepad nearby).
  6. Robot-a-Day: This one is simple – I love Erin’s bots. They make me happy. I have my very own cheesebot. He makes me happy.
  7. Whitney Smith’s This Artist’s Life: Whitney is daringly honest about her experiences as a full-time artist and I appreciate her willingness to share both good and bad. And her work is so lovely.
  8. New England Guild of Book Workers: It’s great to have a resource for local book arts events.

Okay, I’m going to have to stop here. I have spent a lot of time going through my Google Reader and as a result, I have successfully avoided other things that need to get done. I should add #8 to the list of random things – I like to follow shiny things.

Step 4: Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award.

Well, this is where I’ll have to give back the tiara. I’ve learned over time that some people don’t like to be poked – I think it’s a chain letter thing. And I’m not a chain letter gal. I guess that becomes #9 on the list of random things…

6 Responses to “Stylish Blogger Award

By Donna Meyer - 24 March 2011 Reply

Well, you don’t need to contact me, since I found you! And thanks so very much for naming me as a stylish blogger recipient. I can’t tell you how honored I feel. (I will send you my head measurement for the tiara asap.)

My project blog is just starting to pick up some steam (partially because I didn’t tell anyone about it until I was up to about Day/Book 40). So I also appreciate the exposure.

Also, count me as a permanent fan of yours.

By Elissa - 25 March 2011 Reply

Donna –

It’s nice to meet you! You’re very sweet. πŸ™‚

Keep up the good work with your project – it’s pretty awesome.


By buechertiger - 25 March 2011 Reply

I agree these awards are a lot like chain letters, and 15 is indeed just too much. I like to do one every now and then, although I don’t like chain letters at all, and I am glad to see that you apparently like them, too – at least a bit πŸ™‚
Twizzlers, really? The first American I met was an exchange student from Fresno, and he was complaining the whole year about how much he missed them. When I first visited the US myself, years later, I had to try them of course, and I find them rather boring, I must say. To each his/her own, I guess πŸ™‚

By Elissa - 25 March 2011 Reply

Hilke –

Oh man, I’m a sucker for Twizzlers. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I hold tension in my jaw, so licorice is a good choice to help relieve it.

Chocolate Twizzlers are my absolute favorite, but they’re really hard to find. A friend once told me that he thought they tasted like chocolate plastic. Well, more for me then. πŸ™‚


By buechertiger - 28 March 2011 Reply

I only tried red ones. (Maybe supposed to be strawberry or cherry?). Chocolate plastic, haha! Yeah, I thought these red ones tasted like plastic. Generally I like gummies, especially the sour ones. But I prefer those that are made with fruit juice rather than food coloring and artificial flavor. Not so much because I think they are healthier (probably it doesn’t really matter where the sugar comes from) but because they have a real fruity taste. Twizzlers would have to be sweeter and have more flavor to do something for me. But I can imagine that they are good training for jaw muscles πŸ™‚

By Elissa - 1 April 2011 Reply

Well if you’re going to go down the gummy road – Sour.Patch.Kids.

It’s probably in my best interest to not look at their “nutritional” value.


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