Worktable Wednesday

Today was all about workshop prep – this evening I had taught my Recycled Accordion Book workshop at Studio Place Arts.

This has become my favorite workshop and I think it’s because of the crazy materials I get to dig up. The workshop is also the most time intensive to prepare for – there is a lot of cutting.

It starts with my tub o’ recycling – it’s got all the goods. I dig through everything until I get an idea of what materials we’ll be using (they vary each time). I have lots of cool papers that I got at the ReStore – green ledger paper, penmanship paper with dotted lines, green and white dot matrix printer paper, and old science activity cards.

Then the cutting starts.

I’ll admit it – I’m a bad Kutrimmer mommy. It’s on the floor of my studio. I feel like I can get better leverage that way. I have scrawny arms – what else can I do?

Kutrimmer surrounded by paper scraps

Not exactly my worktable, but next to it.

Once my floor has been sufficiently trashed, I start putting the workshop kits together. The repetitive cutting of .75″ wide strips of paper can get a bit tedious – it helps to mix it up with other tasks.

Making workshop kits with strips of envelope security patterns

11:18 a.m.

I really do love making kits – it’s like giving out loot bags at a birthday party.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty methodical about my workshop prep. I’m always happy to let checklists be the boss of me. I also create a folder with any important papers, such as project directions, time schedule, and mailing list sign up sheets.

Folder ready with workshop details

3:04 p.m.

Because the workshop was neither on nor in the vicinity of my worktable, I am forced to save that post for another day. Stay tuned!

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