Worktable Wednesday whoops!

It seems that I completely spaced on my Worktable Wednesday post last week. Ugh.

It turned out that I wasn’t in the studio at all that day as I had a number of appointments to contend with. Ugh.

The best part of that day was attending the monthly meeting of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont. Members were treated to a visit with Ken Leslie and his son, Woody Leslie.

Woody is the mastermind behind One Page Productions, an artist’s book press specializing in books created from only one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. He believes strongly in the dissemination of ideas and does so using cheap mass production.

Woody Leslie's one page books

Woody's one page books

He talked about his work and showed us his collection of miniature books, warning us that some of them were for “mature audiences”. I’m not sure if I fall into that category, but I was immediately drawn to his book entitled Banana Porn. It’s not what it sounds like, so get your mind out of the gutter.

If you come by my studio during Open Studio Weekend, ask me to show the book to you. Or, if you can’t wait and are interested in acquiring one of his books for yourself, you can contact Woody at

Ken Leslie and one of his artist's books

Ken and one of his ginormous books

Ken started out his artistic career as a painter. He earned his MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania, which is where I went as an undergraduate student (hurrah for the red and the blue!).

Ken entered the realm of artist’s books as he explored non-rectangular painting shapes. He was drawn to the circular form because he enjoys thinking about how we experience time.

He’s created a number of books that focus on a particular time cycle – a 24-hour day, the same time of day over the course of a year, the ritual of painting first thing every morning.

He primarily works in watercolors. Many of the circular books he shared with us were big enough for him to sit inside – and they were only made of one piece of paper.

It didn’t take long for someone to ask him what paper was large enough to meet his needs – 50″ rolls of Arches watercolor paper.

Something Ken said really struck a nerve:

When you do a project, do it so you can be a real human.

I think that’s the problem I’ve run into lately – I commit to things without leaving myself any breathing room. I do not respond well to speed bumps – when something goes wrong, my whole system goes kablooey.

I need to do a better job about allowing myself breathing room – be a real human.

I hope it’s okay for real humans to like banana porn.

2 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday whoops!”

By velma - 9 March 2011 Reply

oh, such a good post! i wish i could have been there! i like what ken said, too. and i really like woody’s one page books. i do them with my kids, but i’d like to do more…

thanks! and i hope you are feeling better.

By Elissa - 10 March 2011 Reply

Velma –

I am feeling better – thanks!

Ken’s books were so awesome that I wanted to grab one of them and wear it like a poncho.

Note: Ken – If you see this comment, please know that there’s really no chance that I’ll try to wear any of your books. I’m quite harmless.


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